About Us

Since its fundation, Ceylon Experiences has been characterized as the tour operator in Sri Lanka specialized in designing and developing its own product, offering different and exclusive trips through this Tropical Island.

At Ceylon Experiences we are proud to have highly qualified staff with extensive knowledge of the destination, which aligns us with the travel idea of each client, always based on their budget.

Furthermore, in a world where we are subject to social media, Ceylon Experiences is the company in Sri Lanka that protects the privacy of its clients and avoids posting identifiable photos on social media, the web, etc. of any of our travelers.


Ceylon Experiences proposes private or group tours, personalized and based on excellent quality and service, including tours for travelers with reduced mobility, trying to show both the different regions and each of the cultures around this country, sharing exciting experiences, but always trying to exceed the expectations generated by customers. Our trips are designed and oriented, not only to be unique and fun for our clients, but also to contribute and improve the lives of the local and rural communities and economies that we visit while preserving the environment.


Ceylon Experiences aims to become the benchmark company in Sri Lanka for the tourism industry and private or group travel, while wanting to anticipate the needs and demands of this market. The Company seeks to be recognized for an excellent management model within the Tourism and Private Travel sector.


The values that we detail below are the most outstanding ethical principles on which we believe that our Company must be based. Thus, being part of Ceylon Experiences is assuming this culture and the behavior patterns that develop your personality.

  • Understand what brings value to the business for the benefit of our customers and make a difference by following that guideline in everything we do.
  • Mutual Respect and Trust in all our personal relationships, demonstrating it on a day-to-day basis with deeds and words. This comes to offer a position of Leadership.
  • Teamwork as a result of mutual respect and trust, as well as committed personnel who understand and share the Company’s mission.
  • Commitment to the environment and sustainable business practices that protect future generations.
  • Anticipate opportunities and act positively and effectively to assume Proactivity as a tool for daily use.
  • Always keep an open mind so that through Learning we obtain beneficial elements in the achievement of objectives.
  • Generate sufficient capacity for Self-criticism as part of the continuous improvement towards the experience.
  • Be Disciplined in the plans drawn up and have the conviction to finish and not leave things halfway that are important for the consolidation of the business (promote self-esteem).
  • Commitment to Responsibility, Work Ethics, Integrity and Honesty.